We are in the process of developing an online booking app. In the mean time below is some information about the class. Please feel free to email us or give us a call for booking and more info. 

Classes are average 2 hours long

Basic Price is $45.99 and up 

Each person will learn about some of what is in fragrances and how long they may last as well as blending fragrances and accords if desired to add in to design your very own signature scent.

You will go home with your bottle of perfume and the recipe as well. We will hold the recipe on file for reordering for up to 6 mths. 

We specialize in Birthdays, Weddings, and just a fun night out. You may bring your own beverage of any kind or we have soda and water on premises. Children are welcome to join also ! 

Classes are by appointment only and we will not hold any appointments before 2pm. We ask that each person attend on time and that you do not wear any type of perfume, lotion or fragrance of any kind when coming in due to the testing and smells of your own design. If you are late and your class has started , we cant catch you up!!!!!! So please plan ahead! 

We also will not sell your recipe or make it for anyone else not even your mother!!! Unless you have their name on your recipe paperwork, then they just cant order it for you or themselves. 

There is a nonrefundable deposit required upon booking as well.


We cant tell you much more as we dont want to spoil the fun.. except... what are you waiting for?? Join the fun. (912)659-3990 for booking and available times. 

The Witches Perfume Bar